Travel Writing Jobs: Irresistible Gigs That Pay You a Decent Sum

Travel Writing: See the World and Write About It!

Are you an avid traveler, adventure seeker, and also love to write? Then why are you wasting your talent when you can monetize it by becoming a travel writer. If you have a story to tell about your travel experience, then there are lots of websites and publications that are willing to pay for your travel stories. To make a living out of your passion i.e. travel writing it is very important to understand the needs of the audience.

 Modern-day travel writing is more than writing about your stay in a fancy hotel or about the delicious food you eat. This is just a small part of travel writing and in reality, there is a lot more to it. So, if you are planning to make a career as a travel writer it becomes important for you to understand the different types of travel writing jobs you can opt for. But before getting deeper into the different types of travel writing jobs, let’s understand what travel writing exactly is. 

What is travel writing? 

As a travel writer, you’ll write about the places you visited, the food you ate, the people you met, the hotels where you stayed, and your overall experience of the destination. But most importantly the quality of the writing depends on your storytelling ability and how your content influences the readers. Your content should be such that it should engage the readers and make them imagine that they are already at the destination. Travel writing doesn’t limit the write-up only on vacations but it can also cater to travel agencies, car, and bike rental industry, hotel industry, and lots more. 

Types of Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Travel Magazine Writer

Writing for travel magazines as a beginner is one of the best ways to kickstart your career as a travel writer and to gain some much-needed experience. There’s a list of different magazines that pay a very good amount for writing travel-related stories. Magazines like Rova pay you around $200 for an article above 1000 words, Pathfinder pays around $150 for a 500 to 1000 words article, whereas AMC Outdoors pay around $150 to $350 for articles between 2000 to 5000 words. As a travel magazine writer, you can write anything about a particular travel destination in detail to How to travel guides. Besides getting decent pay it also satisfying to look at your name attributed to the article. 

  1. Social Media Travel Copywriter 

Being a social media travel copywriter is altogether different than a magazine travel writer. This is because you have to convey your point to the readers with very few words. The major role of a social media travel copywriter is to engross the readers with your storytelling ability and remember that it’s not about posting photos of the beautiful location. The success of the social media travel post can be determined by two factors i.e. the post should be such that the readers are compelled to share it or they click on the post to avail more information. A freelance social medial travel copywriter can get paid around $0.40 per word to write an engaging travel write-up. 

  1. Travel Blogs

Earning through writing travel blogs for various travel agencies or a particular business that is related to travel is also a great option. Besides this, you can even start your travel blog and start making money by getting sponsored posts from the businesses related to travel. But for this, your blog should be popular or it should be ranked on various search engines. So as a beginner, you can search for blog sites that are hiring freelance travel bloggers. The blog sites pay a fixed amount per approved and published blog but on average the pay could be around $100-$150 for a 1000 word blog. Travel Blogs like Daring Abroad, Far & Wide, Fodors, Help Stay, etc. pay a decent amount for writing blogs for them. If you own a successful travel blog it’s not difficult to make a minimum of $3000 a month from it.

  1. Special Interest Article Writer

Travel is such a broad spectrum that there are many micro topics associated with it. Only a small amount of people are interested in such topics and therefore they come under the head of ‘Special Interest’. The special interest topics are based on a specific aspect of your travel. Some of the examples of special interest travel include: 

  • Vegan Restaurants at a particular destination 
  • Veterinarians nearby if you are carrying your pet along with you 
  • Specific cuisines of that particular place 

This is a wonderful opportunity for writers to learn and earn. A popular website like Wanderlust pays as much as $300 and more for an article of more than 1000 words. 

  1. Destination Article Writer 

As a destination article writer, your role is to write on a specific destination for example the USA, Bali, India, Paris, etc. and cover as much information as you can. Cover important topics like the best time to visit that place, climatic conditions, things to do, food to eat, popular tourist spot, the culture of that place, and lots more. Here your role is to immerse the reader on the various topics about a particular travel destination that can intrigue them to land their feet there. Sites like Fodors, Perceptive Travel, etc. are paying as good as $100 and more for a well-written article. 

  1. Itinerary Travel Writer 

Planning and jotting down the itinerary is not as easy as it looks. Finalizing the travel itinerary for your next vacation can run down shivers through your spine as the time of your much-needed getaway is approaching but still you haven’t nailed the final details. At some time you’ll also feel that what you will do when you reach the destination. Here the itinerary travel writer can come to your rescue as their experience and knowledge allow them to create an in-depth itinerary which can give you peace of mind and focus on enjoying the vacation.  The role of the itinerary travel writer includes making a detailed plan right from when you land to destination until you depart. The main objective of the itinerary is to streamline your day to day travel plan and make it less chaotic. 

  1. How to Guides Travel Writer 

How-to guides create a framework for the frequently asked questions by tourists for a particular destination. Therefore it becomes important as a how-to guides travel writer to have a significant level of detailing in the write-up.  Some of the examples of How to Guides are as follows: 

  • How to travel locally at a particular destination?
  • How to globe-trot with family in an RV?
  • How to find cheap accommodations? 

Here quality is the key and the write-up should be in-depth as the planning of the reader can depend on your information to a great extent. 

Travel Writing can help you to make a living out of it and the best thing about it is that it’s not a compulsion for you to have a college degree. But if you are looking forward to work with the leading newspaper and magazines, you’ll need a degree in English, Journalism, or Mass-Communication. 

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