Sports Writing Jobs – An Emerging Career Opportunity

Earning a Living as a Sport Writer

Are you a sports fan and looking forward to making your career and living from the thing that you love the most? If your answer is yes and if you have a knack for writing then considering your career as a sportswriter may just be the ideal option for you. Sports writing jobs are not as common as the writing jobs in other niches, but still, there is a lot of demand and can certainly help you to grow and make a successful career as a sports writer. 

What is the Role of a Sports Writer? 

The role of a sports writer is to write engrossing and enlightening news on a wide range of sporting topics. It includes writing informative content on types of sports, sports teams, the latest news on the players, tournaments, player statistics, scores,  and other information related to the sporting world. Sports writing can be a wonderful career option as the writer not only has to attend the sporting event but they also have to meet and interview the team players, clients and stay updated with the latest happenings. Attending press conferences, promotional events, etc. is also a part of their work. Just like technical writers, the sportswriters should have great researching abilities. 

Education Required to Become a Sports Writer

Anyone with a graduation degree or any training in journalism along with a strong ability to write can make a living through sports writing job. Besides this, the writer should also have a deep knowledge of the sports they seek to cover. 

If you are keen on making your career as a sportswriter then you know about the various types of sports writing jobs. Outlined below is a list of various writing jobs available in the sports niche, check if there’s any particular segment that interests you. 

  1. Multi-Media Journalist

If you are new to this field, then you can opt for multi-media journalist jobs as besides sports journalism it also covers writing on news and celebrity gossips. In this type of journalism, the journalist has to work with a team and most importantly with a photographer or a videographer to cover stories. Here, the role of the journalist is to present the story with the help of images, videos, graphics, etc. Here creativity along with great writing skills is a must to tell your story in the best possible way. 

Careers Options as a Multi-Media Journalist:

  • Blogger
  • Broadcasting floor manager 
  • Communication specialist 
  • Interviewer 
  • Copywriter and Editor 
  1. Sports Staff Writer 

In the case of the sportswriters, the multi-media journalists, etc have a free hand in choosing the topic they want to cover, but its not the case with a sports staff writer. They are assigned stories that need complete coverage. Their role is to gather information from reliable sources, verify the information, and should be able to cover the breaking news within the given deadline.

  1. Sports Editor

The role of sports editor is to write and edit news related to sports. The role of a sports editor also involves keeping an eye on the trending news, gather and verify information related to sports, edit and proofreading articles written by junior associates before publishing, being well-informed about the latest sporting events, train the beginners, guide the sub-editors, etc. Besides this, the sports editor must report to the publication manager or the head editor. 

Career Opportunities as a Sports Editor:

  • Interviewer 
  • Editor for newspapers 
  • Editor for a sports magazine 
  • Report and write for sports channels 
  • Sports editor for news channels 
  1. Fantasy Sports Writer 

Fantasy sports are gaining immense popularity day by day and just like live games, people are crazy about fantasy sports as well. Fantasy sports are where people own and manage their virtual teams with a limited investment but to receive high rewards by scoring the highest points or emerging victorious out of many teams. The role of fantasy sports and betting writers is to provide facts and analytics of a particular game. Their role is to gather information and write a detailed analysis of the trends to help the audience to decide on the outcome of the game so that they can place their bets accordingly. 

  1. Sports Anchors 

Many of you are of the notion that the job of the sports anchor is just to present on-air, but their job demands a lot from them. Besides presenting on-air, the sports anchors have to gather information, write stories, prepare questionnaires for the players and coaches, do the pre and post-match presentation, conduct a detailed analysis of the factual, and lots more. Their primary role is to present facts to the audience.  The average starting salary of a sports anchor is around $45,000 but with experience and once you get famous as an anchor there’s no looking back. 

A Career as a Sports Anchor: 

  • Writer for sports channels, news channels, websites, etc. 
  • Sports announcer 
  • Interviewer 
  1. Sports Copy Editors

Sports is not all about facts and statistics, there’s a hell lot of things that have to be covered right from the personal life of the players to the story of teams and players. The primary role of a sports copy editor is to highlight the sports story and make it shine under the immense pressure of the deadline. Besides this, their role also involves editing the news, deciding the layout and page design of the news, preparing content for print and digital audiences, and lots more. 

Employment Outlook and Career Development

The love for sports will never end and with various sporting events, competitions, and tournaments taking place around the world every year, the need and requirement of sportswriters will always be there. The budding sportswriters can either work with sports publications, news channels, sports team, or even as a freelance writer. Besides this, numerous digital publications or websites are in search of sportswriters who can cover stories related to the sports niche. 

The growth prospects in this field are immense as with experience and relationship building you can apply for sports editor or sports copy editor positions, which is high paying but comes with lots of responsibilities. Well, the starting salary of a sports writer is around $50,000 a year but it depends on the role, responsibilities, and the nature of the work. A sportswriter who is directly working with a sports team or with a sports publication can earn a handsome salary, but to be able to get such a job you should have enough experience as a sports writer. 

You can even start your career as a freelance and work for websites or online magazines that pay a decent amount to sportswriters. 

Sites on which you can apply for a Sports Writer Job

  • SBNation, 
  • Contena, 
  • ProBlogger, 
  • LWOS, 
  • Athlon, and others

But before applying check whether the digital sites and magazines cover the sports that you are particularly interested in. Gain enough experience working as a freelance and then apply for a position at a reputed company. 

So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your career as a sports writer and make a handsome living from your passion and the thing you love the most.

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